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Monday, May 23, 2005

2nd Chapter of "KM in C3THER"

Dear everybody,

Sorry for the late "Return of KM in C3THER", it is quite a busy time for me. Now let's enjoy reading it and I will let you know how and what we did it in our hospital.

First we started with the FA team (facilitator), definitely you should have the great team and also have the same agreement in what you do. We began by asking the head of each ward (nurse) to join us in "Introduction to KM in C3THER" and let them know about process then let them go back and showed the detail to their wards.

Actually the process of our KM consisted of: Introduction, Self Assessment Framework, Plot graph and River Diagram, Finding who will give & take, Identified Good(Best) Practice, Applying in Ward and Evaluation, and Revision Good Practices.

So this is what happened in our process and each process took time at least 2 to 4 weeks, especially the process of applying in ward because it should take time and find the problems and way to solve them.

About detail about "Self Assessment Framework" or "How We Do It" if you are interested, you can send me the email and I will tell you all of them because it would be too long to write down every detail of it.

Anyway, thank you for reading again and please do not forget that you can use KM in any places, any time. Not only in the hospital we did but in your daily activity and life style.
Try this and you will enjoy it. Talk to you more next time. Take care.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Systemic Approach in Perioperative Care

Dear readers,

Now it's time for a new stuff. After introduction about KM (but I still did not tell you what I really use KM in my hospital), I would like to tell you about our latest progress in our PCT.
After we reviewed data of perioperative period that shown us many mistakes happened during pre- & postoperative period so I and my team agreed to create new way to our success (again)

At first, we did not expect what result it will be but after we did make this conference, we all appreciated about how people reacted and happily be a part of this project.

I did start this project by asking all nurses, nurse aids, and everybody who involves in taking care patient in the IPD to join this project. I also asked doctors to be mentors in each group of conference. I did use the process of PBL (Problem-Based Learning) by dividing participants in half and this confenece took 2 days to finish. Each day we divided participants in 3 groups and each group will have their own specific question such as 11-year old boy with RLQ pain or 60-year old male with OA knee who needed to operate. Then we had 2 mentors in each group (1 doctor and 1 nurse) guiding them to finish all 3 qustions we gave (3Qs: History taking, preoperative preparation, and postoperative care in specific patients). We also gave them papers about how to prepare in perioperative period which is the knowledge asset. At last we did ask them to make short presentation and also doctors did give them great comments and advice so everybody will know what the other group did. We also had the pre-& post-test for them.

We still cannot predict about the result of perioperative care but what we know is that everybody who involves in IPD knows how to approach to patients (at least in theory).

Anyway we just wish what we try to do here will give some good result. Definitely we cannot change each of every person but at least we try .
Thank you for your interest and give us your time reading this article. Please do not hesitate to leave some comments. I will appreciate reading them :0)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Introduction to KM in C3THER

Hello everybody... This is the first mail I write on this blog. I'm sorry that what I write down in this blog, most of them will be in English but wish our "Sharing & Learning" still move on.

First I would like to talk about C3THER that we (Patient Care Team of Naresuan Hospital;Phitsanulok) used "Knowledge Management(KM)" to modify our patient care system.

For those who work in the Hospital Quality Control Team, I think you already knew C3THER but for those who did not be a part of HA team ... C3THER = "Care,Communication,Continuity,Team,Human Resource Development, Environment/Equipment, and Record" All of them are REALLY important!! Trust me!!

Process of KM is "Share and Learn" so this is why I choose this phrase to be theme of my blog. KM has its own process but I think the most important thing is the outcome (also the process of Share & Learn) coz in fact KM is only tools to your goal!!

After you visit this blog, pls share something or your knowledge inside (Tacit Knowledge) and hopefully this blog will give you something back....

Next, I will talk about "Systemic Appoach in Perioperative Care and Dialogue Training"

Thank you for sharing and enjoy your life :0)

Friday, April 29, 2005


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