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Monday, May 23, 2005

2nd Chapter of "KM in C3THER"

Dear everybody,

Sorry for the late "Return of KM in C3THER", it is quite a busy time for me. Now let's enjoy reading it and I will let you know how and what we did it in our hospital.

First we started with the FA team (facilitator), definitely you should have the great team and also have the same agreement in what you do. We began by asking the head of each ward (nurse) to join us in "Introduction to KM in C3THER" and let them know about process then let them go back and showed the detail to their wards.

Actually the process of our KM consisted of: Introduction, Self Assessment Framework, Plot graph and River Diagram, Finding who will give & take, Identified Good(Best) Practice, Applying in Ward and Evaluation, and Revision Good Practices.

So this is what happened in our process and each process took time at least 2 to 4 weeks, especially the process of applying in ward because it should take time and find the problems and way to solve them.

About detail about "Self Assessment Framework" or "How We Do It" if you are interested, you can send me the email and I will tell you all of them because it would be too long to write down every detail of it.

Anyway, thank you for reading again and please do not forget that you can use KM in any places, any time. Not only in the hospital we did but in your daily activity and life style.
Try this and you will enjoy it. Talk to you more next time. Take care.


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