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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Introduction to KM in C3THER

Hello everybody... This is the first mail I write on this blog. I'm sorry that what I write down in this blog, most of them will be in English but wish our "Sharing & Learning" still move on.

First I would like to talk about C3THER that we (Patient Care Team of Naresuan Hospital;Phitsanulok) used "Knowledge Management(KM)" to modify our patient care system.

For those who work in the Hospital Quality Control Team, I think you already knew C3THER but for those who did not be a part of HA team ... C3THER = "Care,Communication,Continuity,Team,Human Resource Development, Environment/Equipment, and Record" All of them are REALLY important!! Trust me!!

Process of KM is "Share and Learn" so this is why I choose this phrase to be theme of my blog. KM has its own process but I think the most important thing is the outcome (also the process of Share & Learn) coz in fact KM is only tools to your goal!!

After you visit this blog, pls share something or your knowledge inside (Tacit Knowledge) and hopefully this blog will give you something back....

Next, I will talk about "Systemic Appoach in Perioperative Care and Dialogue Training"

Thank you for sharing and enjoy your life :0)


  • ^_^ Please keep doing like that continue .And don't forget to encourage all medical official to known "how to use KM "more than"what is KM "
    excellent ka~

    By Blogger neuro_cu, at 8:17 AM  

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